Training Solutions

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Skill sets of people are the key to success of any business.

Hepatica’s training solutions would address the enhancement of CAE skill sets of engineers at various levels,

  • during education
  • when recruited as fresher
  • when additional skills required moving forward

We would be a one stop training solution provider in CAE techniques

Training Solutions

Business training outsourcing

  • We undertake corporate level training for engineers
  • Tailor made curriculum
  • Time driven program duration
  • Our program motto – “Ready to use” trainee training
  • Considerable reduction in the training cost & time

Finishing SchoolOur concept of finishing school is to help educational institutions to raise their student’s standards to be employed in the engineering industry

  • With our industry focused curriculum
  • Effective duration of curriculum
  • Optimized information and teaching mechanisms.

Finishing school training would also enable the industry people to choose best of the breed

  • Corporate’s could recruit ready to use engineers from institutions
  • Cost and time for training fresh graduates could be eliminated
  • Head count could be increased multifold.

Training center Our training programs are industry focused
Our training center’s would assist engineers to

  • Hone their existing skills to move forward
  • Enhance their skill set to meet market requirements
  • Focus on a new career

Industries Served

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