Consulting Solutions

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Consulting Solutions

With Globalization all around, we focus in aiding all our customers with our “extended facility” consulting business models.

Consulting Solutions Offshore Project team(24X7)

  • The current trend in the engineering industries is having the effect of involving more people over a wider geographical area. Component, System, Module Suppliers and Integrators are required to work with the manufacturers in real time internationally.
  • Hepatica global delivery model, with its off shore project team would enable its customers to meet the time lines of their customers.
  • Hepatica’s offshore team could support clients at different locations since our team works in multiple shifts.

Onsite consulting and Integration

  • Hepatica would provide “On-site consulting” solutions where outsourcing is not an option for our customers due to their client restrictions, etc.
  • Our On-site consulting solutions could complement our customers,
  • To keep their in-house head count at a optimum – budget control
  • Can ramp up/down their team based on project requirements – timing & changes
  • To solve critical problems which are not the core areas of the customer – technology infusion
  • Hepatica’s “onsite-integration” concept would make it easy for managing and controlling in-house outsource work by Hepatica project teams in customer facilities.

We focus on providing services with our cost effective and proven methods.

Industries Served

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